In 1946, by combining three schools operating in Krakow (the Acting School of the Old Theatre, the Acting School of the J. Slowacki Theatre and the Iwo Gall Drama School), Juliusz Osterwa established the State Drama School. During its initial period, the School offered three-year courses for drama students. After being renamed the State Higher Acting School (in 1949), the studies were extended to a four-year course. Its current name, AST National Academy of Theatre Arts, was given in 1955. The Academy’s first faculty was the Faculty of Acting.

Faculty of Acting
Specialisation: drama acting, singing and acting

Faculty of Drama Directing
Specialisation: theatre directing, dramaturgy

The Faculty of Directing was established in 1955 and continued in its original concept until 1962. This type of theatre education started again in 1973, and the Faculty of Drama Directing still recruits students every year for five-year directing courses. Beginning in the academic year 2002/2003, this Faculty established a new field of specialisation, namely dramaturgy.


W R O C L A W – branch of the AST National Academy of Theatre Arts in Krakow

In 1975, a decision was made to establish the Higher Theatre School in Wroclaw with three faculties: the Faculty of Puppetry, which had already existed since 1972, and also the faculties of acting and pantomime. As a result of further arrangements, the Acting School was established at the Polish Theatre to become the basis for the Faculty of Acting. The Academy started in November 1976 and offers three-year courses for future actors. In 1979, the Ministry of Culture and Art with Jerzy Krasowski, rector of the AST National Academy of Theatre Arts opened a branch of the school in Wroclaw with two faculties: the Faculty of Acting and the Faculty of Puppetry.

Faculty of Acting
Specialisation:  drama acting

In 1972, the Faculty of Puppetry (branch faculty) of the AST National Academy of Theatre Arts was established in Wroclaw. In 2006, the Faculty of Drama Directing in Krakow introduced the specialisation: Puppet Theatre Directing in Wroclaw, and since the 2011/2012 academic year education in this field has been offered at the Faculty of Puppetry in Wroclaw.

Faculty of Puppetry
Degree programme: acting
Specialisation: puppet theatre actor

Degree programme: directing
Specialisation: directing for a puppet theatre


B Y T O M – branch faculty

The Faculty of the Dance Theatre supports the development of culture, the historical continuity of which ows to abilities in transformation, ingenuity and creativity. The idea of the Faculty, its mission, goals and, most of all, its programme assumptions, was developed by Polish and international experts from seven higher artistic schools in Europe under a two-year project financed by the Leonardo Da Vinci Programme (2005-2007). Regular monthly working meetings of European specialists in Bytom, sessions with the Polish representatives, and tests and validation of the new programme of education in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands resulted in the establishment of the Faculty of the Dance Theatre in Bytom (2008).

Faculty of the Dance Theatre
Specialisation: dance theatre actor